Our Practice Areas

Duprey Law is a general civil practice representing clients in a wide range of matters.

Real Estate

Duprey Law, represents clients in all aspects of real estate transactions including buyers, sellers, and lenders. We strive to provide personalized legal counsel throughout the real estate transaction.

As attorney for buyers, representation involves preparing or reviewing the Purchase and Sale Agreement; conducting a forty year title search of the property and providing a Title Certificate; reviewing the proposed transfer documents from the Seller’s Attorney, including the deed, Vermont Property Transfer Tax Return, and required certifications; calculating closing prorations; preparing or reviewing and revising the Closing Disclosure/ Settlement Statement; and attending and conducting the closing.

As the attorney for sellers, representation typically involves a current owner update in the municipal land records; preparation of the deed, the Vermont Property Transfer Tax Return and other documents for the sale; obtaining any certifications and filings for the transaction required by the Vermont Department of Taxes including Vermont Land Gains Tax and Out of State Seller Real Estate Withholding Tax; and attending the closing.

In addition, Duprey Law acts as Settlement Agent to close the loan transaction for a number of lenders. Where both the buyers and the Lender agree, Duprey Law can act in a dual representation capacity, representing the buyer in the real estate transaction and at the same time representing the lender as Settlement Agent to conduct the loan closing.

Estate Planning and Administration (Wills, Trusts, Probate Court, Elder Law)

Duprey Law provides a wide range of legal services in the area estate planning and the administration of estates. While the task of getting one’s affairs in order can seem unpleasant and overwhelming, our goal is to see you through a step by step process centered on your specific needs, goals, and desires. We start with the client completing a questionnaire either before or during our first meeting. This provides the attorney with important information about your specific legal needs. The attorney will discuss various options and legal instruments available. Depending upon the age and needs of the client, the discussion may involve Medicaid long term care planning and related elder law issues. Usually by the end of the first meeting, the client and attorney formulate a plan of specific documents, often including the Last Will & Testament, Revocable Trust Agreement, “Lady Bird Johnson” deeds, General Durable Power of Attorney, and Advance Directive for Health Care. The second step involves the drafting of documents. Drafts of documents will be sent to you to review and discuss. Clients are often able to communicate questions and any changes through email or telephone conference to the attorney. Some clients decide to come into the office for a second meeting to discuss any questions and revisions arising from their review of the draft documents. Once the final revisions to the documents are made, a meeting will be scheduled to execute them. Among the most appreciated comments we receive are those where clients indicate that the process was less stressful and easier than they anticipated.

Duprey Law also provides representation to Executors and Trustees in the administration of Probate Court cases and Trust estates. While acting in a fiduciary capacity as an Executor or Trustee can seem overwhelming, we welcome the opportunity to provide legal counsel to assist you through the process.

Small Business

Duprey Law provides legal services to business owners. We provide clients with legal counsel regarding different business entity options including a corporation, limited liability company, various types of partnerships, or another appropriate structure. We draft the documents necessary to form the business entity. Beyond assisting with the formation of the business entity, Duprey Law provides clients with legal counsel and services pertaining to the operation of the business.

General Civil Litigation

Duprey Law represents individuals and businesses in a wide range of civil litigation matters including contract disputes, breach of warranties, real estate disputes, landlord tenant cases, zoning and land use disputes, personal injury, and litigation concerning wills and trusts. Through the litigation process, we seek to keep clients informed of their rights under the law and involved in the active participation in and resolution of their cases.